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Aaina Dulhan Ka : Episode 8

Cine Khabar
Written by Cine Khabar Team

The episode opens with Hammad and his family discussing the car that Aiza would be getting as dowry , they discuss all features and color of the car .
They all chat happily and also about the other items of the dowry .
Everyone has something to say and they are generally very happy .
Aiza is looking at floral settings in a catalogue , with AIma , and obviously goes for the most expensive one . Aima on the other hand feels it’s a futile expenditure , Aiza thinks money once spent can always be earned back , but Aima opines that noone should marry in a fashion that it becomes a spectacle for all to see .
And it becomes cumbersome for Aiza and Hammad .
Aiza is irritated and ticks her sister off .
Aima says she will marry in a simple manner .
Hammad talks to his mother that he’s hired a servant for Aiza as hse’s not used to doing household chores and that he’s already hired a cook , his mother protests but Hammad is insistent .
His mother is not happy but dosen’t say much and relents .
Aiza’s dowry is set in Hammad’s home and his mother’s friends also watch , and they chat , Rafia tells them that she’s getting a car too .
Aiza and her family are going through wedding invitation cards , once again she goes for the most expensive one , consequently Hammad also is bound to choose another card just to be even .
Aiza’s granny is insisting upon spending lot on other small events too .
Hammad to has to take a loan from his friend to meet with the mounting expenses , though ihs friend reprimands him for this .
Aima and Hashim talk at night and chat for a while .
Hashim tells Aima that he is also expecting a car as dowry gift for their wedding too , Aima tells him off that she’ll never ask for a car to her father as he can not afford two cars for two daughters and ends up crying and slams the phone down .
Aiza and Hammad also chat about the forthcoming wedding and expenses .
Aiza’s friends are dancing and so is Hammad’s younger brother , no one’s happy but they keep quiet .
Hashim looks after the lightings at home .
Aiza and her mother chat over her behavior and her marriage , her mother tells her to change her attitude , but Aiza is not happy with this and she tells her mother that she’s perfect and she’ll adjust well with them .
Her mother tells her that she must curtail her spendthriftness , but Aiza is not happy and confronts her mother .
Aiza tells her that her mother in law is better than her , and hr mother is none too happy about it .
AIza’s mother says she has to change herself or else she’s duffer a lot .
Aiza is unhappy about this and challenges her mother .
Aiza also tells her mother that Aima is closer to the parents as she was the one who was left with the granny and not AIma .
The episode ends at this point .

Written By Sulekha Pande

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