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Bigg Boss 8: Salman Khan finds ‘Eli Avaram’ in Natasha Stankovic

Written by Cine Khabar Team

New Delhi: Among many other qualities Salman Khan is known for his pleasant gestures towards ladies and especially if she is a ‘firang’. While last year it was Eli Avaram who became Dabangg Khan’s favourite contestant of the season, this year it’s evident that the Serbian model Natasha Stankovic is ready to take that place.
It’s just been a week for the show but the crackling chemistry between Natasha Stankovic and Salman Khan has started giving us a déjà vu of last year’s amusement between the superstar and Eli.
Right from the Day one, when the splendid stage was set for the celebrities’ introduction, Natasha has been intentionally targeting Salman as prior the show she had no qualms in accepting that she wants to star opposite the ‘Kick’ actor.
While she grooved the entire arena with her hot ‘thumkas’ on Salman’s ex Katrina Kaif’s item number ‘Kamli’, who can forget her attempt to sing ‘Teri meri prem kahani’ song from Khan’s very own movie ‘Bodyguard’.
Salman Khan too on the other hand is enjoying it all and giving an equivalent response to the actress with a perfect comic timing. A little shy and hesitant Salman with his unique style of hosting the show brings out the most out of the duration he interacts with the passengers.
Salman Khan in a recent episode asked Natasha to recite a poem to which she replied with ‘Main Tenu Samjhawa’. A little broken but was enough to amuse the inmates and above all Salman.
No issuez Natasha! By the time you will leave the show, hopefully you would be an expert in Hindi, since Salman is there to guide you!

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