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DOLI ARMAANON KI – Ishaan prepares a sweet dish for Urmi

Written by Cine Khabar Team

For every young woman, her wedding is, undoubtedly, the most eagerly awaited day of her life. She has a million little hopes and dreams about her marriage; a vision of what her husband should be like, her own thoughts on the kind of life she wants to live once moves into her sasuraal; Doli Armaanon Ki is the story of one such starry-eyed, small-town bride Urmi who embarks on the quest for marital bliss, her eyes brimming with hope.

Ishaan prepares a sweet dish for Urmi and goes on to say that sweets usually act as a stress buster. Urmi on the other hand appreciates the sweet but at the same time is worried about Samrat’s next move. Samrat meanwhile, goes to meet Urmi’s family and congratulates Asha for her baby. Later, Urmi meets Samrat’s father Rudra and asks him to be her witness against Samrat so that she can get the custody of her son, but Rudra refuses to speak against his son. Next day at court, Samrat tells Urmi that one of her closest family members will be speaking against her in the court and hearing him Urmi gets a shock and also tells Ishaan about this.

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