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Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami 2014 Movie Review (

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Story View: When a righteous comman man is disgraced, his integrity questioned, ideals dismissed and reputation damaged, he is forced to ‘ask’ for the respect he rightfully deserves. However, his sons find his principles outdated and futile in today’s practical world. Can they fulfill his last wish?

Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami Movie Review:

Movie: Ekkees Toppon ki salaami

Director: Ravindra Gautam

Cast:Anupam Kher,Neha Dhupia

Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami is a fitting tribute to the common man who still values his self-respect more than his pay cheque. Nearing his retirement, living in a modest chawl in Mumbai, Purushottam Narayan Joshi (Anupam Kher) serves the BMC diligently as a jamadar for 37 years of his life.

While he takes pride in his morals, discipline and work ethics, annoyed by his unyielding honesty, his sons Shekhar (Manu Rishi Chadha) and Subhash (Divyendu Sharma) think otherwise. They find his ‘lectures’ boring and low-paying job worthless.

However, a heartbreaking incident forces them to analyse their mindset. On his death-bed, their father demands a 21-cannon salute as an acknowledgement of his flawless character, a certificate of ‘respect’ he never received.

On the other hand, a corrupt politician, his publicity-seeking mistress and opportunistic mother have their own agendas. Is honesty indeed a curse in today’s world?

Poignant and riveting, Ekkees Toppon Ki Salaami deserves a salute for its unique concept. Films with a social message could get preachy, but thanks to unconventional execution, the director skillfully overcomes that. Having displayed his acting prowess a billion times before, Anupam Kher once again proves that he is the master of his craft.

He moves you to tears with his heart-rending performance. He is also the reason you are able to relate to the story.

The supporting cast is equally competent. Aditi Sharma, Uttara Baokar and Neha Dhupia in particular make their mark. Music lends depth to the proceedings.

However, while the film clicks as a social satire, certain comic situations in the second half seem far-fetched. The pace drops as well but picks up eventually.

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