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Written by Cine Khabar Team

The serial about to be aired on Zindagi , Gauhar , was aired on ATV Pakistan , earlier by the name Gohar e Nayaab , starring : Sajal Ali as Gouhar , Ahsan Khan and other well known actors of Pakistani dramas ..
It’s written by the famous writer , Samra Bukhari , and was well received in Pakistan .
Though the story has nothing new to offer , it was the treatment and acting that makes this serial different from the others .
It’s the story of Gauhar aka Gori , who is an orphan , after her mother dies and father left her after his second marriage , living with her Mamu and his family , who all mistreat her very badly .
though her father is alive , but the less said about him the better , and who is a wastrel , so this way she literally has no one to look after her of care for her , and has to find her way through life .
Everyone she comes across , tries to take advantage , leaving her heartbroken in the process , she finally comes across Sami , who she thinks is the love of her life , but that too turns out to be a plot for revenge . Consequently a useless and a dangerous part of her life .
And thus continues her journey through the rough patches of life ..
The story might not be new , but the manner in which Gauhar smiles through the pains of her life is admirable .
She shows everyone the way to live ..
Gauhar is a story of a girl who tries to find a way out of the labyrinths of her life .
The story of Gori , who is in search of a house she can call her own …

Written By Sulekha Pande

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