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Written by Cine Khabar Team

The price that Alizey pays for her one mistake is a heavy one… she loses her first love Ali, and then pays the price of that mistake by falling in love with the wrong man… a man her mother once loved. OUCH. Ok, its not a conservative kind of story that happens very often, yet an interesting one. I think that the story was definitely far stretched, 17 episodes could have much more easily been 14 and might have been more of a thrill to watch. To be honest, the story is boring. Noor-ul- Huda’s storyline is not thrilling, but rather drags on. I will be honest, it is the cast that has made this drama a hit. It is their marvellous perfomance or rather overperformance that has taken this flat story to become a drama that cruised the top 5 on the charts for most of its time on air.I must credit the cast for their outstanding performance, in particular Sarwat. As Alizey, she was challenged with the most demanding character in this this drama. Her performance throughout the drama has been moving, and has always captivated the viewer. Honestly, it is because of Alizey that I kept watching this drama till the end. She is the silly girl spends the first few episodes denying her love for Ali, encourages him to marry Neha and then in the last episode finally confessed her love for Ali and then leaves him!!! Instead of fighting for her love, she had become a different Alizey, finally had come to her senses. She no longer was a rebel… she was in love, a love she could never conquer.

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