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it was Raman’s idea-Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 26th September 2014:- Written Update on Cinekhabar.in

The Episode starts with Raman and Ruhi giving the breakfast surprise to Ishita. She is happy. Mihika says it was Raman’s idea, we just helped him. Raman says it was Ruhi’s idea as you were sleeping. Ishita kisses Ruhi. Ruhi asks is she happy. Ishita says yes. Ruhi says then Papa will drop me home, as you are very busy. Raman says got it, come have food first. Vandu sees no clothes are fitting her and is annoyed. She gets call on Bala’s phone from Shagun. Shagun asks how can he take so much leave since many days. Vandu says its me. Shagun asks Vandu where is he, he did not come since many days. She says Adi is improving with Bala’s tuition, please send him at Mihir’s home, I m staying here. Vandu thinks where is Bala going then. Bala comes and she confronts him. He asks did anyone’s call come.

She says yes, Shagun called and said you are not taking Adi’s classes. He says his classes have increased, so I did not get time. I will talk to her. She says she is very angry, she may affect this to Raman and Ishita, she is at Mihir’s home now. He says he will manage. Vandu says I know you are stressed about baby, but we will together manage. He says thanks, you don’t take stress in pregnancy. She hugs him. Bala looks at his phone and sees missed calls.

Raman talks to Ruhi and asks why did you praise Ishita when you did not get low marks in tests. Ruhi says she gets tired of work, that’s why. He asks what is she hiding and says promise, I will keep your secret and won’t be angry. Ruhi asks really. He says promise. She says principal called you and Ishi Maa at school. She says I think she will get angry but you are chilled out. He says fine, what did Ruhi do. He says a stupid boy bully me. He says then he will bully him. She says no, he bullied Arpita and I pushed him, he fell so he complained against me, sorry, but he is bad guy.

He says its good to fight for friends, but don’t push anyone like this, lets go now. They leave for school. Ishita is cooking. The gas gets over. Ishita asks Neelu why did she not tell her before. Neelu says ask Raman to get it. She says no way, he will taunt me. Ishita thinks what to do, shall I check with Amma, she can have extra cylinder. She comes to Iyer house and sees everything messed up. She says Amma is cleanliness freak, then how all this. Appa says this happened because of Mrs. Bhalla. Your Amma is missing her a lot, kids taught her internet and she was all night busy, she did not make breakfast, I made it.

He says she send friend requests to all film stars. Ishita laughs. He says tell Neelu to cook lunch for us. Ishita says this is the problem, gas ended in our home, so I thought to get cylinder. He says same problem. She says you will get the lunch, don’t worry and leaves smiling. Raman is about to park his car and someone else parks the car. Raman gets angry and scolds the other car’s driver asking him to move his car. Abhimanya gets down the car and looks equally dashing as Raman. He asks what happened, why are you angry on me. Raman argues.

Ruhi says Papa lets go, park somewhere else. The guard asks them to move their cars, as its staff parking. Abhimanyu says problem solved. Ruhi shows Raman the guy whom she pushed. Raman says fine. Ruhi says his father has come. Raman says we will see him. Abhimanyu is the father of that boy. Raman talks to him. Abhimanyu says your daughter went on you, she fights a lot. Raman taunts him back. They are called by the principal. Raman says you know me since years, this boy was troubling Ruhi, maybe he is pampered a lot at home. Abhimanya says sorry from his son’s side and says he is worried as its new school.


Nirvaan says sorry. Raman asks Ruhi to say sorry and forgive. Ruhi says sorry. Abhimanyu says at our home, men respect women and don’t raise hand on them. The kids shake hands. Abhimanyu and Raman apologize to each other. Ishita tells Mr. Bhalla that she is worried as she called so much but no one is delivering the cylinder. He says yes, they are corrupt. She says I will get if I book in black. She gets a call and asks for the man to deliver the cylinder. She goes in her room. Raman comes home and asks about Ishita. Mr Bhalla tells about gas problem and Ishita did not go to clinic. He says what did she eat today and asks Ishita is she fine.

She says yes. He says Papa told me about your problem. She says yes, its always. He says what, sso stop eating much. She says stop eating? He says try homeopathy. She says whats the connection. He says it helps. She says don’t joke, I send Neelu to make Rajma Chawal. He says are you mad, it increases the problem. She gets the call and asks the man to get it fast and not argue. Raman says I know your head maybe aching, vomit now. She says how can you be rude, I won’t talk, how can you ask me tto vomit. He says sit here, I have a solution. She says this problem won’t be solved. He says lie down and holds her legs to move. She says what are you doing, I can’t relax, as this problem can’t solve. Mr. Bhalla calls her and she leaves.

Raman says she is so angry one. The cylinder comes. She asks who has sent this. He says your friend has sent this. She says Mani has sent this and is happy. Raman sees this and asks did you have this gas problem. She says yes, I told you. He says I felt. She says what, chee. He says it happens to everyone. She says I m doctor and I know to control my diet. He says even doctors have this problem, thank your friend. She says yes, he is the best. He asks does she work in gas company. She says he is a guy, she studied with me. He says so you went with him on dinner. She says yes. Raman gets miffed. Ishita smiles and says he felt bad knowing I went on dinner with guy, it means he is jealous, good.

Shagun likes a wedding card and shows Mihir and Mihika. She says its very expensive and asks shall I order this for you guys too. She says we can marry in same mandap on same day, we are getting true love on same day, its expensive wedding, you can’t afford. Mihir says no, we have Raman. She says why Raman, we have Ashok. He says the marriage will be grand, as Raman’s heart is bigger than Ashok, you forgot your grand marriage, and Raman and Ishita’s marriage was grand too. He says he wants to organize one ceremony being her brother. Mihika says we decided we won’t marry till Mrs. Bhalla comes back. Shagun says I wanted to share my special date, if you guys don’t want, carry on. She gets a call and leaves. Mihika calms down Mihir and holds hands.

Ishita sleeps on the couch. Raman wakes up and says who is this Mani, all day she is chanting Mani Mani, he became Shani for my life, who is her friend. He says he will ask her and comes to her. He tries to wake her and sees her sleeping. She turns and he holds a book getting far. He says he will find out Mani, she won’t tell me if I ask her, I will check her friends, She turns and he goes away from laptop and jumps into the bed hiding his face. He then gets up and takes the laptop. He goes out to loo to use the laptop and shuts the door. He sits there on the commode and says whats his name, Mani Subramanium, Pillai, Swamy, don’t they get names, she does not have any common friend, how can this be that he is not on FB. Maybe he is mad to be her friend. He thinks and tries to find out. He says what am I doing, I m spying on her and sat on commode too.

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