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It’s “Upen Patel Weds Sonali Raut” On Bigg Boss 8 Tonight!

Written by Cine Khabar Team

The luxury budget task on Bigg Boss 8 continues on day two and the dating and engagement has moved on to a full fledged Bigg Boss house wedding. Upen Patel and Sonali Raut, who were seen dating and engaged on day 1 will be seen getting married on day 2.

Bigg Boss 8 house was divided into two families, the Babbars and Lambas and the contestants had to play the part of group uniting Upen and Sonali and the other keeping them apart. While the first day saw a lot of violence, the second day too was no less chaotic.

Day 2 of luxury budget task included Upen and Sonali getting dressed in wedding attire and taking wedding pictures in 5 different locations in the house. Alogn with that, like the first day, they have to acquire the mangal sutra and other necessities for the wedding from the master bed. Of course, the Babbar family will place hindrances while the Lamba family helps them at this task.

The task included Upen and Soanli to get dressed as bride and groom, get tattooed each other’s names on their forearms and get the mangal sutra away from Babbars and wear it and finally, take five photos of them together in various corners of the house.

Though there was less violence than the first day, the day saw a lot of arguments and bad mouthing from many. Especially the Babbar team, who were clearly loosing at the task. Though Karishma, Soni and Arya were seen stopping the couple, they failed repeatedly.

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