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Jennifer Lawrence wary about doing love scenes with ex Nicholas Hoult

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Jennifer Lawrence is reportedly worried about filming love scenes with former boyfriend Nicholas Hoult in the upcoming film ‘X-Men: Apocalypse.’

According to a source, the 24-year-old Oscar winning star, who’s currently dating Coldplay’s front man Chris Martin, has been avoiding the Hoult’s calls, and thinks she might get “confused” if she starts speaking to the actor, 24, again, the Mirror reported.

The pair, who split earlier this year, had started going out after doing the first X-Men film together, and had for a brief time gotten back together during their second one.

In the upcoming film, the character Mystique, played by Lawrence would be required to get close to Beast, played by Hoult, as the film would focus on their relationship.

Though the makers wanted to change the plot, it was too late to rewrite the script, and the actors have been told to “make it work.”

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