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Karishma Tanna Too Aggressive At Bigg Boss 8 Task, Inspired By Gauhar Khan?

Written by Cine Khabar Team

Karishma Tanna has been seen getting a little too aggressive during the luxury budget task recently on Bigg Boss 8. She was seen pushing, shoving, calling names and doing some major plotting against the opposition.

She will also be seen throwing water and juice at Sonali Raut, Upen Patel and trying to snatch away her belongings as well. Bigg Boss 8 has many competitive and aggressive contestants on the show. But Karishma manages to stand apart from all. While everyone knows the Gautam Gulati incident in the previous task, she was seen doing a lot more damage in the current task. Karishma along with Soni were seen pushing Deepshika Nagpal into the mirror, breaking it and hurting her head badly.

Karishma also tried to instigate Gautam at many points trying to break his patience and use the situation for her benefit. Also, at a situation, she tried to make a big deal of Gautam touching her. Since Deepshika and other loud mouths were in the opposition team she failed to magnify the issue. Later, Karishma was seen snatching away the bangle from Sonali and later claiming the bangle was not in her hand.

Following this she was seen indulging in some name calling, targeting Sonali and, of course, Gautam. Upcoming episode will also see her throwing water and juice on Upen and Sonali’s face and dress to ruin their getup. Looks like Karishka a little too involved in the task and is ready to go to any extent to win her task. Like she did in the previous task

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