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Mastana Mahi Episode 4 – Zindagi TV

Written by Cine Khabar Team

Mastana Mahi Zindagi TV

Episode 4 , opens to Aleen having breakfast with her parents , where he allows her to marry Mike , to the surprise of her mother and Aleen as well .
When asked at the sudden change of heart , he says , he’s seen death from close quarters and does not want his daughter to be unhappy on his behalf .
Aleen video chats with Adil asking him about her outfit as she’s in a dilemma as what to wear .
He tells her to consult a female but she tells him that he’s the only friend she’s got ..

Mike visits Aleen’s home and her father has a heart to heart chat with Mike asking him to take care of Aleen , Mike assure him and tells Aleen’s father that Aleen will be well taken care of .
Aleen and Mike bet married and Adil takes their pictures , asking them to come closer to pose for the wedding pictures as they are standing far apart .
After the wedding night , Mike prepares a hefty breakfast for Aleen and she’s pleasantly surprised to see him all ready to go to office , but she goes back to bed to have her breakfast .
SHe later on calls on Mike to have a love chat but is cut short by his unromantic attitude .
She then tries to prepare a great meal for him with the help of Adil , goes shopping with him and buys clothes and foodstuff .
She si totally disappointed when Mike comes and is not very happy to see her in a traditional attire , and rejecting all her food , only asks for a bowl of salad .
He also does not like the clothes that she got him and tells her not to buy anything for him from now on as he buys all his clothes for himself .
Aleen is sad , and asks to talk to her stepdaughter . They have a good chat and plan to meet soon .
She visits them and is polite to Aleen , but cuts her short when Aleen tells her she’s not in a hurry to be called Mom , she says I already have a mother , and to tht Aleen feels embarrassed ,.

Meanwhile Adil’s mother calls him up from Pakistan and tells him to come to Pakistan for a week as their political family needs him at the moment .
Adil has a late night video chat with Aleeen , where she tells him that Mike is sleeping after having taken a sleeping pill , all the while after missing her in bed , Mike has come out to see Aleen and overhears all their chat .
He confronts Aleen and tells her that it’s wrong to discuss their marital issues with a male friend .
Aleen is shocked at the insinuation and has no words to say . Mike also tells her that a man and a woman can’t be only friends ever .
The episode ends where Adil rells Aleen that he’s going back to Pakistan for a week .


Written By Sulekha Pande

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