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Mastana Mahi Episode 9 | Zindagi TV

Written by Cine Khabar Team

Mastana Mahi Episode 9 | Zindagi TV


The Episode Opens to Mike With Pooja & Simran, Who are having tea. Mike Shows them all, Aleen’s email & they discuss it for a while.

Pooja ask Simran if she will respond to this mail to which Simran says no, bur aleen will understand & she is relieved.

Aleen & Adil are very happy & they chat together ,Aleen offers to drop Adil to his motel but he tells its too far and very late.

They Promise to meet for breakfast and part.

Adil comes back to the motel & chats with lily, he tells her the developments of the day. Lily tells him he is a good friend of Aleen.

they plan to go out for the dinner next day & later on Lily tells him about her life.

Aleen prepares a hefty breakfast for Adil, her aunt is very happy to see her happy after a long time ,Aleen tells her about her plans  for the day But Eventually  Adil gets  very late.

In the morning Lily is intercepted  by Jamaal & Julie  who humiliate her.

Adil comes over and ticks them off and  he tells Lilly she is outstanding & lovely.

Aleen keeps waiting for Adil and Adil Finally turnsup very late,is scolded aunty for being late, he goes and meets Aleen and makes peace with her. They chat for a while & after that they go out.

Lilly is getting dressed for dinner while Julie comes & insults her again.

Aleen & Adil come back home and he Suddenly remembers his promise to lilly.He comes back to the motel & gets into a fight with a drun over Lilly, eventually gets very upset. In the morning Lilly Apologises to Adil for the night and tells him to go to Aleen.

Aleen & Adil sit by the Beach and they chat about things, She Asks him to move in with her and her aunt but he says its not feasible  . Adil comes back to Jamaal & Julie Leering , Jamaal insults Adeel & challenges him to do something about Lilly.

The episode ends as Adil Says he will merry Lilly right now.


Written By Sulekha Pande

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