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Mera Naseeb is the story of Shazia and Nazia, both born on the same day and at the same time to two different mothers. They live together in a house dominated by women – Habiba, Sajida and Salima, who bring up the girls in their own quirky way. But girls being girls, they manage to find their way in all of this. They have each other for company and they share everything with each other, their dreams, and aspirations, ideas of romance and what they would like their future life to be.
Shazia and Nazia are inseparable, very true to the prediction made by an old Sufi Baba that their fates were entwined. Despite this close bond, Shazia and Nazia are poles apart as personalities. Nazia is sweet, pretty and naive, while Shazia is bold, outspoken and adventurous. While Shazia is fine with bending the rules a bit to get her own way, Nazia is too scared to even try. Shazia would rather live on her own terms while Nazia believes in doing what would please the others.
Fate takes them on different courses as they get married. Will they find happiness in their respective lives?

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