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Puja is done by Ambika and Diwakar-Pyaar Ka Dard Hai

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Pyaar Ka Dard Hai 26th September 2014:- Written Update on Cinekhabar.in

The Episode starts with Ayesha opening her eyes hearing the trio talk. Adi comes in the morgue. Everyone tell Payal about Rubel and she cries. Anuj says he will be fine, don’t worry and they leave to see him. Adi looks at the bodies. Sawant says how did they leave the hospital when we said you should not allow anyone and asks the man to arrange CCTV footage. The puja is done by Ambika and Diwakar who pray for Pankhudi. Adi looks the faces of the bodies. He says Pankhudi and goes to uncover the white sheet. Shanky prays for Pankhudi. Adi is stunned seeing Pakhudi there. He smiles and says I have come, nothing will happen. Adi takes her and does not see the Ayesha’s burqa there. Adi says nothing will happen, I m with you and warms her hands.

Adi warms her feet. Some mantras play…………….. Adi hugs her. Pankhudi gets conscious and comes out of the coma. Pankhudi cries and says Adi……………. Adi is stunned hearing his name. He looks at her and they cry. He says Pankhudi and hugs her. He asks her not to say anything and kisses her forehead. He smiles happily. He makes her lie and says be here, don’t move, I will call doctor, stay here. He says no, I will take you with me.

Adi calls Sawant and says I got Pankhudi. Sawant asks where was she. Adi says it does not matter, come in the ward. Sawan sees the CCTV footage and sees Ayesha. He says did Ayesha come to hospital. They think where did she go. Sawant says if Ayesha came, where did she go, Pankhudi is in hospital, it means they have……….. Ayesha lies in the van and thinks who are they and what does they want.

Sheela is worried and talks to doctor for Rubel. The doctor says he got badly hit on his back, we are treating him. They cry. The inspector says Pankhudi is fine in her ward. Everyone go to see her. Adi asks Pankhudi to rest and not talk. He says just listen to me, I waited for this day since two days, I was sure this day will come. She says but Adi. He says no, your habit to speak first did not go till now. He says talk in heart and I will read it. He says he still has the special talent. She asks why is she in hospital. He says take rest, I will call doctor. Pyaar me hai jadoo aisa………….plays…………. He hugs her. Everyone come and is happy to see Pankhudi in her senses. Pankhudi says mum, dad………. Adi says she is out of coma.

Avantika cries happily. Harish goes to call doctor. Sheela, Anuj and Payal smile seeing Pankhudi. Adi asks who is with Rubel when everyone is here. Payal says I will go. Pankhudi asks what happened to Rubel. Anuj says nothing. Sheela asks her not to worry. Adi says he will make everything fine and asks Avantika to be with her. Sheela says she will just come and leaves. Avantika hugs Pankhudi and leaves.

Sheela and Payal cry and ask Adi what happened to Rubel. Anuj says calm down, Rubel will be fine, he is strong man. They ask Adi to go to Pankhudi. Adi says no, she is fine now. Payal says go, I will call you when Rubel’s operation is over. The doctor says Pankhudi is fine and Dr. Rustam will see her. Pankhudi asks why is she in hospital. Avantika says you are still weak, don’t think anything, just rest and be calm. Sawant comes and says congrats, it’s a miracle, come with me outside.

They go out to talk to Sawant. Adi says we can’t question Pankhudi at this time. Sawant says I saw Ayesha in CCTV footage, and she did not go out, just cleaning van went and kidnappers were in it, I doubt they have taken Ayesha instead Pankhudi. They are shocked. He says Ayesha is nowhere in this hospital.

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