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Raman getting jealous from Abhimanyu-‘ Ye hai Mohabbatein’

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New Delhi: With the entry of a new character Abhimanyu in the serial ‘ Ye hai Mohabbatein’ Raman’s problems had already gained pace. Abhimanyu is Ishita’s college friend and they have met after a very long time. But Raman is not able to digest this friendship at all.

Ishita unconsciously praises his friend in front of Raman but he instead gets jealous. Ishita took Abhimanyu’s help in celebrating ‘Golu festival’ as Raman was ignorant about it. But it hurted Raman alot and he felt embarrassed over his ignorance of the festival.

So without taking much time he ran into the washroom with his laptop to search about ‘Golu festival’ and gather all the possible information about it.

Raman is mad over Ishita for the fact that his friend is unnecessarily interrupting in their life although he is not able to say but his jealousy is growing day by day.

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