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Ruhi Makes Ishita Eat, Raman-Mani Argue!-Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 7th October written episode: Ashok tells Suraj that he is now eyeing at Mihika like he eyed at Shagun six years before. Mihika’s anger strongly attracts him, while Shagun is his past now. Bala leaves the hospital after he gets a phone call.

He tells Raman that he is going to see Bandita, but goes somewhere else in an expensive car. Doctor tells Raman )Karan Patel) and Abhimanyu that fasting can be fatal for Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) as she was a patient of stomach TB and fasting is the sole cause of her present illness. Ishita is kept at ICU. Raman breaks down in front of Mihir and Mihika.

He cries helplessly and blames himself for Ishita’s illness. After Ishita recovers, doctor tells Raman to feed her as soon as possible. Raman scolds Ishita for fasting, but she remains stubborn. She says that she has promised Toshi to keep fast and complete the Navratri Puja. Abhimanyu sees Raman scolding Ishita and becomes angry. He takes Ruhi to the hospital. Ruhi requests Ishita to eat; Ishita cannot refuse her. She eats from Mani’s hand and thanks him for bringing Ruhi.

Mani tells Raman that anger is not the solution of everything. Raman calls Abhimanyu and argues with him for bringing Ruhi to the hospital. Mani says that there was no other way of feeding Ishita. He accuses Raman of being an ignorant husband. Raman says that he has taken care of Madhavi after her accident and resigned from the President post for Ishita. He warns Abhi not to interfere in his family life. Their argument continues.

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