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Written by Cine Khabar Team
Sibling rivalry and the one upmanship or rather one upwomanship is the base of Shikkan . It’s the story of two sisters , Zaib and Natasha , Obviously one is nice and the other is not so nice .
They are always trying to outsmart one another and be in the good books of the people and to make matters worse , get married to two  brothers too .
From thereon , it turns into a complex web of the rivalry firstly of two sisters and secondly of sisters in law , one plots against the other and the other one either falls for it or ducks it smartly .
Sibling rivalry has been the onus of many  a story and this is another one on the subject , it really gives a vast canvas of emotions , jealousy , love , hatred and a rainbow of  emotions .
The direction is good and it’s a worth watching serial .
The lead cast :  Aamina Sheikh , Mira Sethi and  Adeel Hussein .
Written   by  Samira Fazal .
Directed by Shahrzade Sheikh .
It’s coming up on Zindagi tv , very soon and the fans of Aamina Sheikh must look forward to it ..
Till then keep watching Zindagi tv and stay updated with us on .
Written By Sulekha Pande

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