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Synopsis of : Waqt Ne Kiya Kya Haseen Sitam Serial

Written by Cine Khabar Team

This is a riveting tale of undying love , passion , communal hatred , fanatism and above all the era of the 1947 Partition between India and Paksitan .

Based upon a novel ” Bano ” , by Razia Butt , this serial depicts the horrors of the era bygone .. The era of communal riots and the time Hindus and Muslims were divided forever .
It’s a saga of love in the tragic times and how faith can move mountains .
It begins with the wedding of wedding of Suraiya , Hassan’s aunt and Bano’s soon-to-be sister-in-law. She is engaged to Saleem , Bano’s eldest brother .
Hassan falls in love with Bano , mesmerized with her beauty , grace and cultured ways and intends to marry her .
He’s very active in political activities in college where he studies in Ludhiana , he firmly believes in the creation and the necessity of a separate country for the muslims , as he’s an avid follower of Qaid e Azam , Jinnah , but Saleem , an active supporter of the INC , opposes him tooth and nail , soon all debates start creeping into their household and relations start souring between Hassan and Saleem , but they put a stop to all this and learn to accept each other’s views and respect them .
Hassan and Bano get engaged and Hassan leaves for Rawalpindi for his job , Suraiya is now expecting a baby .
The wedding date is set for 5 months later .
In the meanwhile , the tensions start to escalate and things gradually start getting out of hand . The communal hatred start touching new heights and people start stooping lower than the low .
People form both religions are killed and massacred for no reason at all , babies are killed , girls , women and even old women are raped and killed , homes are looted and burnt down .
Bano and Hassan’s love is caught between this turmoil . The attitudes for the people change overnight and Hassan is confused as all his Hindu friends turn their faces from him for the only reason that he’s Muslim .
One fateful night , a group of Hindus and Sikhs attack Bano’s home , Suraiya’s husband Saleem is killed and to save her honor Suraiya jumps off the roof , she and the baby in her womb are brutally murdered , Bano’s mother tries to choke Bano , but Bano is kidnapped before she could die and taken away , raped brutally and left for dead .

Bano is found by a sikh man Basant Singh who takes her to his home , nurses her back to health and is told that he’ll reunite her with her family , she believes him but he tries to convert her to Sikhism and rapes her repeatedly to break her morale , but she does not break , he along with his mother try their best to convert her .
She gives birth to a son and later on Basant Singh dies by falling off the roof and Bano runs away to Pakistan in the hope to be reunited with Hassan .
But to her dismay she feels this is not the way she’s imagined Pakistan to be as well .
Hassan who presuming Bano to be dead , is now engaged to Rabia and after a lot of heartache Bano tells them to go ahead and get married .
Bano starts working and one day a man tries to molest her , but she kills him with a pair of scissors , thus avenging all the atrocities that befell upon her for no fault of hers apart from being a woman .

She’s jailed at the end and Hassan and Rabia regularly visit her there ..

Soon to be aired on Zindagi channel , ” Waqt Ne Kiya , Kya Haseen Sitam has a sterling cast of :

Main cast
Sanam Baloch as Bano
Fawad Afzal Khan as Hassan
Mehreen Raheel as Rabia
Other cast and characters[edit] Saba Qamar as Suraiya
Ahsan Khan as Saleem
Babrik Shah as Basant Singh
Saba Hameed as Rasheeda
Qavi Khan as Naseeb Bhai
Samina Peerzada as Saliha or “Bibi”
Affan Waheed as Nadir
Daniyal Raheel as Faheem
Humaira Abbasi as Kaamini
Seemi Raheel as Maami
Anita Fatima Camphor as Jameela
Guest stars[edit] Samina Ahmad
Shazia Afgan
Khayyam Sarhadi
Bilal Khan
Azra Mansoor
Farooq Zameer
Shazia Afghan

Written by Sameera Fazal
Novel by Razia Butt
Directed by Haissam Hussain

Written By Sulekha Pande

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