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Synopsis of Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Written by Cine Khabar Team
The aftereffects of a divorce are bad enough for a grown up , nut it’s worse for children .
Yeh Hai Mohabbatein , deals with the issues of a divorce , children , second marriage and ho people deal with sudden changes that take place in their lives .
The difference in two cultures seeped in the Indian psyche , the gap between north and south , how many adjustments a woman has to make all these issues are dealt with in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein .
Raman Bhalla a divorcee with two childern , marries a Tamilin , Ishita Iyer , who is unable to bear children , the thread of love between them being Raman’s daughter , Ruhi .
Ishita despite her depravity is a warm person , whereas Raman has become bitter and hardened after his divorce .
Ishita gives her all to the marriage but for the interference of Raman’s ex- wife Shagun Arora , who poison’s her son’s mind against Ishita , and who herself is engaged to Raman’s business rival and ex- boss , Ashok Khanna .
Shagun is a regular plotter and schemer with lots of negative shades to her personality whereas Ishita is straight and simple ….
Raman is now torn between the two women in his life , one from the past and the other one is in the  present …
The serial is based upon the novel  ” Custody by Manju Kapoor  ” , it’s , Produced by Balaji Telefilms and  directed by Sameer Kulkarni and
Sahil Sharma ,
The serial has won many accolades too ,
 Aired on Star Plus , Mon – Sat ,
Written By Sulekha Pande

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