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Thakan- Zindagi Tv

Written by Cine Khabar Team

Story of a young girl who sacrifices all her dreams and wishes to save her family generally. The story shows a girl named Sadaf who works hard and strives for a good job without a supporting family except for her grandfather who loves her very dearly and she loves him back also. Her brother Fareed is a selfish person who plays her every time and pretends to go to college but instead he plays and gambles and eventually loses all the money. Sadaf and no other family member knows about his gambling addiction and Sadaf keeps struggling with her jobs as men keep playing her but she is saved from it every time. Her sister Mahek also plays Sadaf and has a boyfriend outside of school, and both brother and sister bring back stress and bad luck to their homes. The eldest sister Deeba is married and miserable with her life giving birth to a child every year with her careless and cruel husband. The mother is conflicted with her children as she shows a two sided face, in fact sometimes guilty and shows her cruelty with Sadaf as she is the one who handles the house hold.

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