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Vikrant’s car is going on fast speed-Sasural Simar Ka

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Sasural Simar Ka 26th September 2014:- Written Update on Cinekhabar.in

Simar tells Vikrant she will have to go outside as Sunaina seems very angry. Vikrant promises her he will solve all her problems. Simar also says she has faith in Goddess. She prays and sacred water falls on her saree. Sunaina shouts Simar to come out else she will go to Bharadwaj house right now. She tries to go inside temple, but is not able to. Simar tells Vikrant she will go now. He nods and she leaves. Vikrant asks the Goddess for strength to do justice with Simar. Sunaina tries to go in Simar’s body, but can’t and she gets pushed back. Simar wonders how that’s possible and then remembers about sacred water. She tells Sunaina no strength survives against Goddess’ and sacred water is God’s blessings and sign of Sunaina getting peace soon. Vikrant comes outside and they leave. Sunaina says no one can stop her from getting her rights back that were taken away very early from her.

Vikrant is getting ready. Simar comes there. He tells her he’s going to police station to meet Baa and Karthik and he will take Sanju as well. Simar asks why Sanju? and they are not his, they tried to kill him. They separated his wife from him. Vikrant thinks these words are not of Simar’s, this concern must be Sunaina’s. He tells Simar that Baa wants to meet Sanju, maybe she realized her mistake and everyone deserves second chance. Simar says she can’t let him go alone, she will also go with him. He says ok.

Roli and Sid tell Goddess that they know what they are going to do is dangerous, but they have to do it for Simar. Person, who is responsible for Simar’s troubles, has to die. Vikrant must die. As long as he’s alive, Sunaina won’t leave Simar’s body. They ask for strength. Sid tells Roli God always supports the truth and this time it will be same. Goddess’ blessings will always be with Simar. Sid calls a man and tells him to get started, but carefully. The man then cuts the brake wire in Vikrant’s car.

Sid and Roli are going somewhere. Prem comes to them and reminds Sid about an important meeting. Sid says he will have to go with Roli, it’s very important. He tells Prem to manage or postpone. Prem says it’s not possible, whole presentation is done by Sid and he has to be there. Sid still says no, but Mataji comes and reminds Sid about his responsibility and importance Bharadwajs give to their work. Roli tells Sid to go. He leaves with Prem. Roli says she will have to finish this work now.

Vikrant leaves in his car with Sanju and Simar/Sunaina. The man informs Roli about it. Roli tells him to leave that place now, he will get his money. Roli thinks of reaching the place before Vikrant.

In car, Simar notices Vikrant’s upset face and asks what’s the matter. Vikrant says he was thinking about Sunaina. Simar gets happy and asks he still misses her. Vikrant says he always misses her. If he could, he would have gone to her long time ago, but he’s just living for Sanju. He tells her Sunaina’s importance in his life and she will always be in his heart. Simar smiles and is about to touch his hand, but a car comes in front and Vikrant realises that car brake is not working.

Vikrant’s car is going on fast speed. He tells Simar that she will have to jump. He takes Sanju from her. Simar says she can’t jump leaving two alone. Vikrant says he will jump with Sanju. Simar still says no. Vikrant pushes her and she falls out of the car. Roli is hiding there. Sunaina’s body comes out of Simar and she sees car going into a cliff. Sunaina gets shocked. She screams Vikrant, Sanju and runs. She sees car blast and cries. Simar gets conscious and wonders why Sunaina is crying. Roli thanks the Goddess and hopes nothing can stop from Sunaina’s soul getting peace.

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