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When Bigg Boss 8’s Big Guy, Puneet Issar, Got A Pleasant Surprise!

Written by Cine Khabar Team

Bigg Boss 8’s big guy, literally, the oldest, biggest and strongest (debatable) guy in the house, Puneet Issar, was found missing his family, especially his daughter and was over the moon when he received a special message from her on her birthday.
Puneet, the senior actor in the Bigg Boss house this season, is one of the contestants who go out of their way to keep peace and tranquility (as much as possible) in the house meant for controversies. Most often he fails and even be the cause of disturbance in the house but, by and large, he tries to maintain decorum in the house.

But in the past few days, however, he was seen laying low, small issue as it may seem, no news goes unnoticed in the house of no walls. Bigg Boss called the elder contestant into the confession room and inquired the reason for his dullness. Though tried to brush it off, Puneet later confessed that he was missing his family dearly and especially his daughter, whose birthday is on October 17.

What Puneet did not expect was a special message from his daughter to reach him on her special day. Puneet received a sweet message from his daughter which moved him and the others in the house. No show goes spared without some family sentiment does it?

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