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Will Raman accompany Ishita to Mani’s party?-yeh hai mohabbatein

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In the last episode, we saw Raman (Karan Patel) feeling jealous upon hearing Ishita (Divyanka Tripathi) praise her friend Mani. Ishita was seen waiting at a restaurant for Mani, but instead his secretary showed up on his behalf. Raman was seen spying on Ishita at the restaurant and confusing Mani’s secretary as him. He was happy to notice how the man was not a macho one like himself. Mihika (Mihika Verma)on the other hand was seen wondering why Ashok( Sangram Singh) hadn’t placed the printing order of the wedding cards yet. The episode ended with Ishita asking Raman to accompany her to Mani’s house party, the same being refused by him blatantly.

In the upcoming episode, will see Ishita being upset about Raman’s rude behavior. Raman on the other hand will be confused on whether he should attend Mani’s party. He will look at the time and decide to pick her up. He will keep battling the conflict in his mind, on what he should do. The episode will end with Raman thinking that he should accompany Ishita to the party after all, as that would make her happy.

How will Raman react upon seeing Mani at the party? Further, will Mihika confront Shagun about Ashok’s secret? Stay tuned to find out!

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