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Ye Galliyaan Ye Chaubaara : The story so far …

Written by Cine Khabar Team
Haroon and Falak who love each other try every trick in the book to get and keep in touch with each other .
Rashid who suspects both of his daughters alike , detests them with all his heart along with disrespecting his wife , belittling her  all the time and losing no chance of letting her know that he hates her and his daughters is satisfied in the knowledge that atleast one of his daughters is now going to be married and will be out of his way very soon .
All the while Haroon and Flak try keeping in touch one way or the other .
After all doors close upon her , she takes Haider into confidence to deliver their letters to each other , one day her father accosts him , but he lies and gets out of the situation cleverly .
She is distressed as she does not have a mode of communication with Haroon , one day as her parents leave to her future in law’s home , she makes the most of the chance and meets Haroon on the terrace , which is witnessed by Abdullah , who tries to leave a missed call on  her father’s mobile , but Haider comes just in time to stop him and takes him down , but Abdullah’s mind keeps telling him that he must tell all this to his master as his daughter is not doing the right thing .
Haroon gives her a mobile set and they keep in touch , one day Sitara needs to go to collect admit card , and Falak goes with her and they are accompanied by Haroon , on the way Haroon hits a boy and they have to take him to the hospital , the boy is none other than the person , with whom Falak’s marriage is being fixed , he also sees them both before falling to the ground .
When they come back , Falak accidently gives Haroon’s mobile to her mother and when she asks her , she has no answer .
She is distressed and  once again has no means to communication with Haroon …
On the other hand Abdullah is fighting his conscience that he must tell everything to his master …
To see what happens next …
Keep watching : Yeh Galiyan Yeh Chaubara on Zindagi channel .
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Written By  Sulekha Pande

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