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Written by Cine Khabar Team

Yeh Galiyaan Yeh Chaubara is a popular tv serial from Pakistan , with a very good cast , originally named , ” Ishq Hamari Galiyon Mein ” was aired on Hum Tv Pakistan ,,

It’s written by Mustafa Hashmi and directed by Qazi Lateef is a story of a very narrow minded man ,

The cast has fine actors like : Kashif Mahmood , Farah Nadeem , Sara Chaudhry , Zaveria Abbasi and others ..

Rashid , who has two daughters , Falak and Sitara , whom he suspects all the time , doesn’t want to educate them for the fear that education will give them wings and spoil them , he doesn’t even allow them to talk to the male servants of their household , of who one is just a kid .
His wife Amna , is a godfearing and devoted wife , totally suppressed by him nonetheless , quietly supports her daughters for further education by pleading with Rashid to allow Falak to study further , very reluctantly he agrees , all the while unbeknownst to him , Falak and Haroon , a neighborhood son of a widowed professor , are interested in each other , and Falak does all this to get and keep in touch with him .
Falak also starts taking tuitions from his mother to get closer to Haroon , …

This is a story of complete male domination over female desires for freedom and the need for a breath of fresh air .

How far Rashid goes to prove his point when he finds out about the affair of his daughter and Haroon , remains to be seen yet …

The serial airs of Zindagi Channel : Mon – Sat : 8.55 PM IST .

Written By Sulekha Pande

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